If you believe that you offer the best product or service

and you do not make new clients every day, you are selfish

Totsikas Bros Co

We live in a financial world which is an economy. If you do not understand how money works, you will end up having problems.

Sales & Business Development

Everything you need is inside the pocket of a stranger. In order to get it, you have to exchange value and do whatever it takes.

Financial Planning & Advice

If your money does not work for you, it loses value every day. Keeping your money in the bank, it does exactly the same.

Property Management

Buying, renovating and selling properties (flipping) is gambling. Look for cash flow and not for capital gains.

You should use your earned income to create new income flows or passive income.

Vasileios Totsikas, Managing Partner

You should know that your money must earn at least 3% per year to maintain the same value of it.

Panagiotis Totsikas, Managing Partner


Totsikas Bros Co

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